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Härtegrad Soft oder Firm - wählbar

Grösse: 180 x 200cm

Höhe: 20cm

Hauptmerkmale der Matratze:

- Individueller Komfort

- Optimale Luftzirkulation

- Antiallergisch

- 10 Jahre Garantie

-Abnehmbarer waschbarer Bezug


The new smart choice.

The New Start Relax is a smart choice for articulated beds. Made entirely from Supernova Foams™ Reflex, it offers a high level of reactivity, resilience and superior flexibility. Its hypoallergenic structure of open micro-cells boosts air circulation and increases the durability of the product.


High durability


Thanks to the innovative and highly resilient Supernova Foams™ Reflex technology, this model is extremely durable and retains its initial characteristics for many years.


Evolutionary structure


The mattress is firmer on one side than it is on the other. The softer side is padded with Supernova Foams™ Memory, allowing users to choose the firmness best suited to their needs, simply by turning the mattress over.


Health and hygiene


Thanks to the removable, washable tencel cover and the multi-perforated structure, composed of hypoallergenic materials, you are assured of a sleeping environment free of dust mites, allergies, heat and excessive perspiration.



Matratze Colunex "NEW START RELAX"

CHF 2'970.00Preis