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Konfiguration: Medium rechts / Firm links = Sofort verfügbar

Härtegrad Soft bis Firm - wählbar

Grösse: 180 x 200cm

Höhe: 32cm

Hauptmerkmale der Matratze:

- Individueller Komfort

- Optimale Luftzirkulation

- Antiallergisch

- 10 Jahre Garantie


The natural way of sleep.

The Heritage I mattress offers you unforgettable support and comfort thanks to the ProTech Springs™ structure. The natural products, silk and linen, provide a soft and cozy welcome still favoring natural thermo-regulation.


Classic comfort


The Héritage I mattress represents the evolution of traditional pocket springs in an exclusive ProTech Springs ™ structure, which anatomically molds to the shape of the body, providing a robust but cozy support.


Luxury natural surface


Looking for a balance between comfort and temperature, this model offers an elegant combination of the best natural fibers in the world, such as silk and linen. The insulating properties of silk help to keep the skin at an ideal temperature, providing not only comfort but also the perfect environment for skin regeneration during sleep. Linen, as a flax fiber tends to be cool to the touch and extremely breathable.


Exclusive engineering


The careful engineering used to build each component, allows you to sleep without feeling the movements of the person next to you. The reinforced outer edge means that the entire area of ​​the mattress can be used for sleeping, helping to prevent falls.




Matratze Colunex "HERITAGE I"

CHF 6'632.00Preis