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Matratze BEST PLUS

Härtegrad Soft, extra Soft, Medium oder Firm - wählbar

Grösse: 180 x 200cm

Höhe: 30cm

Hauptmerkmale der Matratze:

- Individueller Komfort

- Optimale Luftzirkulation

- Antiallergisch

- 10 Jahre Garantie


When only the “Best” will do.

Our Best Plus mattress combines the high performance of our exclusive ProTech Springs™ technology with Supernova Foams™ and Xenuloc® Feel technologies. The result is even greater comfort, relieving the body´s main pressure points and ensuring a natural posture, without causing the surface to overheat.


Alleviates pressure


The layer of Supernova Foams™ Memory adapts to the body contours, relieving discomfort at the main pressure points. For each area of the body, including shoulders and hips, in a relaxed position, a long and comfortable night’s sleep is guaranteed.


Extra comfort


The combination of high-performance ProTech Spring™ pocket springs with the innovative Xenuloc® Feel ecological foam, brings extra comfort to the Best Plus mattress.


Health and hygiene


The discerning composition and the quality of the hypoallergenic materials ensure a ventilated surface, free from dust mites, allergies, heat and excessive perspiration, resulting in a sleep environment that is hygienic, safe and healthy.




Matratze Colunex "BEST PLUS"

CHF 4'530.00Preis