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Matratze BEST ECO

Härtegrad Soft oder Firm - wählbar

Grösse: 180 x 200cm

Höhe: 24cm

Hauptmerkmale der Matratze:

- Individueller Komfort

- Optimale Luftzirkulation

- Antiallergisch

- 10 Jahre Garantie


More than springs!

Best Eco is an hypoallergenic mattress made with the exclusive ProTech Springs™ pocket spring technology. Available in two degrees of firmness, it adapts to different comfort preferences.


Classic comfort


Our Best mattress represents the evolution of the tradition of pocket spring mattresses into an exclusive ProTech Springs™ structure that moulds anatomically to the body contours.


Affordable quality


This model combines the essential properties of superior mattresses. The simplification of methods and the intelligent choice of materials have become key issues for the creation of this model.


Health and hygiene


This model does not deform over time. The materials used are high quality and have been put through demanding tests to ensure their strength. This means you can be sure of enjoying all the original benefits of the product even after years of use.




Matratze Colunex "BEST ECO"

CHF 3'270.00Preis
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