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Härtegrad Soft, extra Soft, Medium oder Firm - wählbar

Grösse: 180 x 200cm

Höhe: 30cm

Hauptmerkmale der Matratze:

- Individueller Komfort

- Optimale Luftzirkulation

- Antiallergisch

- 10 Jahre Garantie


Book 5-star hotel nights every day.

In our customers’ words, sleeping in a Beauty Sleep is like “sleeping in the clouds”. Built from the most successful Colunex mattress for luxury hotels, the Beauty Sleep model combines a harmonious composition with a built-in topper and a sumptuous appearance.


Unique engineering


The construction in independent components, allows to sleep without feeling the movements of the other person. The extra reinforced perimeter makes it possible to sleep over the entire mattress area, including edges, preventing falls.


5 stars comfort


Thanks to the structure with built-in topper, the Beauty Sleep represents the comfort of the mattresses of the best hotels in the world.


Cocooning well-being


The padded bamboo cover, offers unique sensations of comfort, contributing to a fast fall asleep and avoiding micro awakenings throughout the night.




Matratze Colunex "BEAUTY SLEEP IV"

CHF 5'160.00Preis
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