Color: Black & off-white

Material: Hand tufted | 100% New Zealand wool pile


Featuring a border with a Greek key pattern, the tufted black & off-white Apollo Carpet 300x400cm is hard wearing and luxurious underfoot. Wool is hypoallergenic and natural moisture regulator that creates a healthy living environment.

Carpet Apollo 300 x 400 cm by Eichholtz

Artikelnummer: 123.001. 108538
CHF7'180.00 Standardpreis
  • Vacuum clean regularly with a low powered vacuum cleaner. Do not pull loose ends, trim with scissors. Use rug protectors under the legs of heavy furniture.

    Treat a spot created by spilled drinks or dropped food, by first scraping up as much of the substance as possible with a plastic spoon: scrape towards the center of the spill to keep the spot as small as possible. Do not dry the stain completely or it may set.

    For further cleaning, use a good carpet shampoo. Check a small, concealed area of your carpet first with some of the cleaning solution to ensure that it is colourfast. Avoid over-wetting while cleaning. Open windows and ventilate your room in order to speed up the drying process.