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Headboard Roma


Size: ca. 183cm EuroSlim

Fabric: Arizona Collection N°601


Divan Roma

Springdivan Firm Edge

Cover removable

Size: ca. 2 x 90 x 200 x H39cm

incl. legs solid wood


Mattress "DUX 6006"

Size: ca. 180 x 200cm x ca. H: 30cm

incl. Pascal System (Soft/Medium/Firm)


The DUX® 6006 offers our individualized personal comfort zones, allowing you to customize each side of the luxury bed. You can quickly change the amount of support under your shoulders, hips and legs. It’s your side, your way, no matter where you want extra support. The DUX 6006 also comes with all the other comforts you’ve come to expect from a DUX therapeutic bed — deep springs that contour to your body, as well as our luxurious Xupport Top Pad. Like all DUX luxury beds, the DUX 6006 is handcrafted from the finest materials and offers a choice of bed legs in various styles and finishes. The DUX 6006 is as unique as you are so that you sleep just right.


Pascal: Our Customizable Cassette System



Unless you and your partner are identical in shape, size and weight, you need a bed that will take your inherent differences into account. Our Pascal system of interchangeable spring cassettes allows you and your partner to individually customize your side of the bed for optimal bed support and comfort. In a DUX bed, your personal comfort no longer has to be a compromise.


The top layer of The DUX Bed with Pascal can be unzipped to reveal six interchangeable spring cassettes; three for each side. The cassettes come in three different tensions, soft, medium and firm. Simply open the top of the bed and arrange the cassettes based on your body size, shape and needs.  While you may need firmer bed support under your lower back, your partner may need more flexibility in order to achieve proper spinal alignment.


Bed ROMA - DUX 6006

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