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N1° Fragrance:

A magnetically attractive fragrance which is masculine, gentle and absolutely irresistible. The freshness of mint, lavender and neroli mixed with subtle spice and cedar is softened by the warmth of vanilla and sandalwood.

1 x Inhalt: 15ml


N2° Fragrance:

Unexpected freshness and sensuality. Sensual orange blossom, tangy bergamot combined with the floral softness of Provence lavender and the warmth of sandalwood and vanilla. A true celebration of the beauty and sensuality of spring in Seville.

1 x Inhalt: 15ml


N3° Fragrance:

A warm, floral scent inspired by the beautiful Japanese Sakura (cherry blossoms). Pink pepper, jasmine, Sakura Blossom, Amber & Musk.

1 x Inhalt: 15ml


N°1 - N°2 - N°3 - Fragrance Oil for Aroma Diffusers special selected Set of 3

Artikelnummer: 123.124.Set
CHF 50.00Preis
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